Wedding Ceremonies

Your Italian wedding can be celebrated in many different ways

Whether you will choose to have a civil, religious or symbolic marriage, we can assist you in preparing all the paperwork, regardless of your nationality. Civil weddings ceremonies in Italy have very precise requirements that may vary according to your nationality. Our proficient team will lead you through every phase of the legal process, and will ensure that all the procedures are correctly managed. Religious weddings also require very specific formalities.  In Italy Catholic Weddings are the only church ceremonies that can be performed without the requirement for a civil ceremony beforehand. This means that a Catholic ceremony performed in a Catholic church in Italy can be valid also for the local town hall. We will also be able to lead you through all the procedures to organize a Protestant wedding or an Orthodox wedding ceremony. Italy can also be the perfect destination for a Jewish Wedding: you will be able to choose among many Italian beautiful synagogues. LGBT weddings in Italy have been legalized since May 2016.  We can organize same sex legal ceremonies, blessings, and vows renewals in breathtaking Italian destinations.  In Italy Symbolic wedding ceremonies do not have any specific requirement: for this type of celebration you will be able to choose any kind of location and ritual you prefer. Should you already be married and wish to hold a Vow Renewal Celebration in Italy, we will be able to support you with all the organization, from finding the perfect location to finding the celebrator. And if you are thinking about an intimate and cost effective solution for your destination wedding, an Elopement in Italy could be the perfect solution!

Civil weddings ceremonies

Civil Ceremonies
A Civil Wedding in Italy is an unforgettable and unique experience.

Italian Town Halls are lovely: historical Palazzi, romantic villas, medieval castles, or panoramic terraces overlooking the sea. The choice of venues in Italy is very extensive, and they will offer the perfect setting for your Italian Civil Ceremony.
The Civil Wedding will be officiated by an Italian authority (a Mayor or one of his representatives) and will be legally recognized in your country. An interpreter will also assist you.
The procedures and the documents required may vary according to your country of origin.
A Civil Ceremony lasts about twenty minutes, and you will be asked to bring two best men or maids of honor who will have to be above the age of 18.
The ceremony might also be held outdoors, in specific locations approved by the Italian authorities. Many town halls have beautiful gardens or terraces, and the choice of outdoor venues is also vibrant.
Civil ceremonies in Italy can also be personalized with music, poetry, readings, and of course, personal vows.
Please contact us for more detailed information, and we will be happy to help you fulfill all the legal procedure.

Catholic Weddings

Catholic Ceremonies
Italy is the perfect destination for a Catholic Wedding: we have some of the most beautiful and ancient churches in the World!

Most Italian cities and villages have wonderful antique churches where you can celebrate your Catholic Ceremony. They have splendid interiors with magnificent frescos, impressive altars and paintings, and celestial statues.
Most of these churches do not need many decorations, they already look stunning as they are. The surroundings are also breathtaking, and they are the perfect setting for incredible wedding pictures.
A full Catholic Ceremony lasts almost an hour, and it can be enhanced by classical music or religious chants. In many churches you will also find beautiful historical organs.
There are some specific requirements that have to be met in order to have a Catholic Wedding in Italy, and a documentation has to be prepared.
Please contact us for more detailed information, and we will be pleased to assist you in organizing and planning your Catholic Italian Wedding.

Orthodox Weddings

Orthodox Ceremonies
We can plan your Orthodox Wedding in the most beautiful Italian cities!

The Orthodox Church in Florence is a historical jewel from the 19th century. In Venice, the Orthodox Church is very close to Piazza San Marco and is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the one in Rome, a incredible work of art.
The procedure to celebrate an Orthodox Wedding in Italy is quite simple, and we can assist you in fulfilling all the legal requirements. The documents needed may slightly vary from one church to another but we will take care of all the details. Please contact us for more specific information and we will send you all the process that has to be followed.
And of course we will also assist you with all the rest of the ceremony: from the flower arrangements to the music that you wish to be played, we will make sure that your Italian Wedding will be absolutely perfect!

Protestant Weddings

Protestant Ceremonies
Protestant Wedding in Italy

Italy boasts a wide range of beautiful historical Protestant churches, spread in many romantic cities: Rome, Florence, Naples or Venice just to mention a few of them. If you’d rather celebrate your Italian Protestant Wedding in a magnificent Castle, a beautiful Villa, a “Palazzo”, on a beach or in a garden, you will be spoilt by choice. Pastors are usually glad to travel and a Protestant Wedding ceremony can be performed all over Italy, allowing you to choose the perfect location for your special Italian Wedding!
Protestant ceremonies in Italy can either be a religious blessing (you would have to marry civilly in your home country prior to the ceremony in Italy, and provide a civil marriage certificate) or a legally binding wedding. In this case the Pastor will celebrate a religious wedding with civil effects.
The Protestant Church in Italy counts many denominations: Anglican, Adventist, Waldensian, Baptist, Episcopalian, Evangelist, Reformed, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Methodist, and others.
The documents required for the legal wedding may varie according to the nationality of the couple. Romance in Italy will assist you with all the necessary paperwork.
The Protestant Wedding ceremony can be personalized: you will be free to choose your favorite readings, your music, and your guests will be able to participate in the celebration.
Protestant pastors in Italy are also available to celebrate vow renewal ceremonies or anniversaries.

Jewish Weddings

Jewish Ceremonies
Jewish Wedding in Italy

From Lake Como to the Almafi Coast, Italy offers Jewish and Jewish Interfaith couples magnificent venues to celebrate Jewish traditions. Historical synagogues can be found in many remarkable cities: Milan, Venice, Florence or Naples. Rome is the keeper of the oldest jewish community in Europe. The Roman Ghetto area was established in 1555 in Rione Sant’Angelo, in the centre of Rome. The magnificent synagogue, inspired by the Assyrian-Babylonian architecture, was built in 1901. Today the lively Roman Jewish community counts 15.000 people.
An Italian Jewish Wedding ceremony could also be celebrated in the garden of a magnificent castle or luxurious villa, under a beautiful Huppah and surrounded by an incredible scenery.
We can of course provide skilled and experienced caterers who will be able to prepare delicious Kosher wedding feasts.
Romance in Italy will also assist you in preparing all the documents required, please contact us for more specific information.

LGBT weddings in Italy

LGBT Ceremonies
LGBT Weddings in Italy

A Destination Wedding in Italy is perfect for marrying in a unique and unforgettable location. Whether you desire a luxury villa in Tuscany, a romantic sand beach in Amalfi or a charming chapel in Rome, it is the ideal occasion to make lifelong memories with your family and friends. Italy caters an incredible range of diverse landscapes: Alps, Mediterranean beaches, luscious vineyards and historic cities to explore.
Organizing a wedding from afar without the help of a professional could be difficult and overpowering, especially for couples who might not be aware of certain country’s laws that could affect LGBT marriages. Our team of professional Italian Wedding Planners can organize LGBT legal or religious ceremonies, symbolic blessings or vow renewals. We can provide celebrants who will perform the rites in English or in other languages.
Everything will be planned according to your taste and needs, as every wedding we create is exclusive and tailor made to match each couple’s personality and desires.
Romance in Italy will assist you in preparing all the requested documents, listen to your vision and help you choosing the perfect location for your special day.
If you are wishing to elope with your partner or if you are fancying a glamorous reception with all your friends, we have the destination of your dreams! We can provide luxury venues or romantic private locations that will make your Italian Destination Wedding just extraordinary.

Symbolic wedding ceremonies

Symbolic wedding ceremonies
Symbolic Wedding in Italy

A Symbolic Wedding in Italy is one of the most attractive wedding ceremonies for Destination Weddings in Italy. It is the perfect solution for couples who are already legally married or who would like to avoid the paperwork procedures.
Since you are not bound by any ritual you can choose a formal or an informal celebration, and your arrangement can be either traditional or as creative as you wish!
Symbolic Weddings in Italy can take place wherever you desire. Imagine yourself in a beautiful villa facing an Italian Lake, or in an intimate chapel in the Italian countryside. Another incredible location could be the breathtaking Italian Riviera or a sea-view terrace on the Amalfi Coast. How about a medieval castle or in a vineyard in Tuscany, or even a gondola in Venice? Let us enchant you with some unique proposals!
Romance in Italy will provide the celebrant and all the rest of the organization: wedding party, music entertainment, flower arrangements, guests accommodation. The ceremony can also be performed by a family member and you can include personal vows, your favorite songs or poems, religious or allegorical rituals.
Every detail of your ceremony will be planned according to your personal taste and desires, and your Symbolic Wedding in Italy will be unique and unforgettable!

Vow Renewal Celebration in Italy

Vow Renewal Celebration in Italy
Vow renewal in Italy

Is there anything more romantic than celebrating your wedding anniversary in Italy? Italy and its Dolce Vita is such a fascinating country, synonym of delight, happiness and indulgence.
Italian vow renewals are very touching and full of significance. As there are no legal aspects involved, your ceremony can be tailor-made according to your vision and wishes. Religious or symbolic, indoors or outdoors, Romance in Italy will assist you in selecting the right location and services, in one of Italy’s most ravishing sceneries. A magnificent garden, an aristocratic castle or a luxurious villa…How about renewing your vows in Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, one of the world’s most famous couples? Your ceremony could be held overlooking one of Verona’s most famous bridges, like Ponte Pietra or Ponte Castelvecchio.
Allow your imagination to flow and leave the rest to us.

Elopement in Italy

Elopement in Italy
Eloping in Italy is the Triumph of Love!

Eloping is simple, intimate and extremely romantic! It is also very cost effective, and you can choose among all the wonderful destinations that Italy can offer.
Romance in Italy’s mission is to plan unique, tailor-made weddings. Our planners will be pleased to recommend the best options for a perfect wedding for two in Italy.

If you fancy a landscape of hills, vineyards and romantic sunsets, the Italian countryside is the perfect location for your elopement in Italy: Tuscany, Umbria or other hidden wedding destinations such as Valpolicella in Veneto, a Trullo or an ancient Masseria and their olive groves in Puglia.
If you are dreaming of a beach wedding, the Amalfi Coast or the Italian Riviera are breathtaking!
The Italian Lakes could also be extremely charming for your elope in Italy! Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, or the smaller Lake Orta…
And of course Art Cities are always a wonderful option: Rome, Florence and Venice or the less known Verona, Milan, Siena and Bari.
We are committed in making the paperwork process as straightforward as possible, by taking care of all the details and managing all the legal requirements.

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