First of all, Italy is so romantic! Our beautiful country counts so many breathtaking sceneries and amazing natural backdrops.

You will be able to select among a wide range of location options and you will be spoilt for choice: get married in a Vineyard in Tuscany, in a historical Palazzo in Venice, in a Rinascimento Villa in Rome or by the sea in the Amalfi Coast. Italy caters to all styles and types of weddings: romantic by the Lakes, cosmopolitan in Milan, vintage chic in the heart of Umbria, winter wonderland in the Alps, laid back and soaking up the sun in Puglia and Sicily.

We can also create your exclusive Wedding Weekend: extend your wedding day by exclusively renting a Villa or a Castle for you and your wedding guests, for a weekend or longer. Italy also offers an amazing cultural experience, its service industry has very high standards, and the cuisine and wine quality are outstanding. You won’t be forced to choose a standard wedding package, you will have all the flexibility to create a unique wedding event that will reflect your personality.  In Italy you will also get very good value for your money: you can  decide to spend as little or as much as you want but you will always get great value. What’s more, weather in Italy is lovely, we have many days of sunshine every year. And of course, you will have amazing wedding memories and pictures…

Vineyard in Tuscany

Tuscany, land of wild loves and of limitless passions,
Tuscany, home of Petrarca and Dante and lively Boccaccio,
Tuscany, home of the Angelic Painter revered throughout Europe (…)

Oscar Fay Adams

So many poets and artists have been inspired by Tuscany’s astonishing beauty. It is incredible how one single region can offer such a wide variety of splendid scenarios.
You will be enchanted by Florence, its Palazzi from the Rinascimento and the Medicean Villas. Picture yourselves tying the knot in Siena, Lucca, Pisa or San Gimignano: ancient cathedrals, majestic castles, and palace wedding halls are awaiting for you.
If you are dreaming of a countryside Italian Wedding, Tuscany provides a great amount of spectacular locations: beautiful vineyards, wonderful hilltop villages, and magnificent stone mansions with their classic Italian gardens.
Romance in Italy selected the most beautiful and romantic wedding venues in Tuscany. We have a large portfolio of historic castles for the most magical celebrations and exquisite wedding receptions, and fabulous wine estates with their charming vineyards and wine cellars for more informal events.
Some of the estates and castles can accommodate several hundred people, some offer accommodation on site and others are available only for your wedding day.
Call us on Skype or email us for more information! And we will make your dream of a Tuscany Wedding come true!

Historical Palazzo in Venice

Love, in this summer night, do you recall
Midnight, and Venice, and those skies of June
Thick-sown with stars, when from the still lagoon
We glided noiseless through the dim canal?
Night In Venice – Poem by John Hay

Venice, a captivating city renowned for its scenic beauty, historical elegance, and romantic allure. It is a lover’s paradise where memories will last a lifetime. Who hasn’t dreamt of a marvelous Wedding in Venice? Getting married in Venice is the most romantic way to celebrate your love!
Venice is full of art, culture, music and delightful food. The city is enchanting and its traditions will make your Italian wedding unforgettable.
Every couple stargazes enjoying a Gondola ride along the Grand Canal, taking in the magnificent Rialto Bridge, the palazzi and bridges that line Venice’s landscape.
Tying the knot in Venice is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate love, and Romance in Italy is committed to turn your dream into reality. With the beauty of Venice and our skillfulness in wedding planning, we will bring your vision to life.

Rinascimento Villa in Rome

Rome is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world, the ideal location to celebrate your unforgettable and romantic Italian Wedding!
The Eternal city is a living monument to some of the greatest artistic triumphs of humankind. Magnificent marble fountains, stunning cathedrals, and some of the most challenging architectural masterpieces rest like an open air museum under the warm Italian sun.
Here we could organize your wedding just by the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum or the Trevi Fountain. You could choose among wonderful terraces overlooking Rome skyline, magnificent villas along the Appia Antica (one of Italy’s most ancient roads) or wonderful aristocratic palaces in the centre of the city.
Besides its historic beauty, Rome is also a gourmet dream: head to one of the animated “piazze” and let your palate be captured by the tempting handmade pasta and house wines.
A wedding in Rome is one of the most unique venues for a cosmopolitan ceremony, and your guests will be truly spoilt!

By the sea in the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi… Capri… Positano… Just by pronouncing their names you will
probably start daydreaming…
Sunshine, stunning ocean view, and the eternal blue sky…
No picture can really reflect its true ravishing beauty ; the Amalfi Coast is something you have to witness and experience yourself. White Moorish houses cling to the flowering cliffs of Positano, surrounded by bright bursts of purple and red bougainvillea flowers.
With its mosaic in yellow and blue, and its cascade of colorful maisonette, churches, turrets, and narrow streets reaching down to the Mediterranean, the town of Amalfi is a spectacular location for destination weddings at any time of year.
The picturesque Positano and Capri, with its Blue Grotto, remain the most wanted locations for weddings on the Amalfi Coast. They represent the quintessence of the Mediterranean and they are ideal for couples looking for a romantic and joyful event.
Getting married on the Amalfi Coast will allow you to experience the charm and warm hospitality of the south of Italy, and the cuisine and wines of the region are sterling. You and your guests will taste the authentic flavors of an Italian Wedding by the sea!



Celebrate your wedding in the poetical and private Italian Lake District: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, or the small and intimate Lake Orta.
Heavenly fascinating tiny islands, luxuriant gardens falling into blue waters, and sumptuous villas mingled with the incredible charm of little towns such as Bellagio, Varenna and Cernobbio. Few locations can rival with the luxury and romance of an Italian Lake Wedding!
Romantic poets, artists and celebrities such as Madonna or George Clooney have fallen in love with these lakes. The magnificent landscapes feature an incredible and suggestive beauty: we will make your dream come true in stunning belvedere gardens surrounded by wisteria and bougainvillea, palatial lakeshore villas that maintained their Belle Epoque charm, and fascinating villages lost in time, rich in history and traditions.
An “Italian Lake Wedding” combines the fortunate geographical position of the region with exclusive locations and the finest cuisine. It is the perfect choice for couples who desire a unique and elegant event, in one of Italy’s most sumptuous and breathtaking surroundings.

Cosmopolitan in Milan


If you like fashion, lifestyle, trends and design Milan is the perfect city for your Destination Wedding.
This fashionable metropolis is home to endless works of art, some of the world’s best shopping and a bursting nightlife scene that proves infinitely dazzling. In Milan you will discover ancient and modern, trends and counter trends, haute-couture and underground. Duomo, La Scala, Via Montenapoleone but also architectural masterpieces from Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind.
In Milan you will be spoilt by choice: old castles in the near-by countryside, futuristic lofts that host the world-wide famous fashion shows, or art nouveau mansions. And of course the most refined and innovative Italian cuisine coupled with sophisticated wine cellars.
Are you fancying a grand mirrored ballroom or a lively open-air terrace? Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner or the ceremony itself, indoor and outdoor options abound, and We’ll help you choose the right venue for your Italian Wedding in Milan.

In the heart of Umbria


Italy’s green heart, Umbria, is a charming region in the center of Italy, in terms of beauty and artistic heritage it has nothing to envy to its neighbor Tuscany.
A wedding in Umbria means experiencing one of Italy’s most authentic regions and cultures. It is the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country. Removed from outside influences, it has kept alive many of Italy’s old-world traditions.You’ll see grandmothers in aprons making pasta by hand and front doors that haven’t been locked in a century.
Umbria caters marvelous settings for Italian romantic weddings: fascinating castles nested on lush green hills, countryside mansions surrounded by vineyards, and the charm of ancient cities like Perugia, Saint Francis of Assisi and Spello. These towns conceal some of the finest Italian medieval architecture, and most of them have magnificent churches or cathedrals.
This region is a bit off the usual traveling guide, therefore its historical richness and cultural patrimony are very well preserved. Umbria boasts an incredible culinary and wine tradition, strongly attached to its land and roots.
Allow yourself to wander around the small medieval towns perched on the hummocks, you and your guests will experience the most charming journey back in time!

Winter wonderland in the Alps


If you have always wished to fulfill your love dream in winter wonderland, the Italian Alps are the perfect setting for your marriage ceremony.
Picture a splendid winter wedding in the Dolomites: snowflakes, white coats and crystal decorations… Candle lights, illuminated trees and fireplaces… And the magic is done! Let’s not forget the incredible ski resorts and Spas that characterize this fabulous region.
You will be ravished by the natural diversity of the Alps: glaciers, peaks, forests and wildlife… They will all become the backdrop to you perfect day, and they are inspiring in any season.
If you’d rather experience the sunshine and the green mountains, the Alps are also a perfect location for a joyful summer or spring Italian Wedding! Charming ancient villages and mountain chapels, medieval monasteries and of course the most refined northern Italian cuisine and some very refined Italian red wines…
The Italian Alps, with their stunning landscapes, are the ideal scenery for your wedding all year long!



Sun, sea, white sandy beaches, olive trees and perfumes… This is Puglia, one of Italy’s most picturesque regions!
Puglia boasts many beautiful wedding venues! Lush land filled with “Masserie” (typical fortified farmhouses on a country estate), “Trulli” (traditional Apulian stone huts with a conical roof) surrounded by unspoilt countryside, castles overlooking the crystal clear sea, you will be swept away in a magnificent frame of Mediterranean colors and flavors!
Getting married in the enchanting region of Puglia means celebrating a laid-back elegant wedding, accompanied by beautiful music and traditional dance, in a unique natural context.
Religious ceremonies can be celebrated in ancient private chapels or churches of Masserie and small villages; and civil ceremonies can be held in old palaces in charming locations such as Gallipoli, Ostuni, or Alberobello.
And don’t forget Puglia’s traditional and worldwide famous cuisine: excellent and genuine wine and food! These are just a few reasons that will make your Italian Wedding in Puglia unforgettable and unique. You and your guests will be spoilt by this unforgettable experience!



Sicily is an enchanted land where mountains meet the sea. With its unbelievable artistic patrimony, the island of the sun is a unique place that features history, archaeology, art, folklore and magnificent natural landscapes. Sicily combines Europe, Asia and Africa in one island: it was founded by the Phoenicians, and through the ages it has been conquered by the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Normans, the Angevins and the Bourbons. All these dominations left a historic heritage that you will be able to witness in Punic cities like Palermo, the Greek temples of Agrigento, the Amphitheater in Taormina, or the Norman Venus castle in Erice.
You will find a wide range of incredible locations for your Wedding in Sicily! Allow yourself to be captured by this enchanting island: paradisiac beaches, the natural beauty of Mount Etna, orange and lemon gardens, ancient vineyards and olive groves will be the backdrop of your perfect day!
Sicily also boasts a very rich culinary tradition, you and your guests will experience a true taste festival: from cannoli to arancini, Sicilian food is world-famous, and you will be overwhelmed by just how varied and diverse, fresh and delicious Sicily’s cuisine really is.

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